Allen Weinstein is a self-made man, a man who acquired success in life despite handicaps that might have left him a street derelict. In the crucible of our public education system, Allen had never been given much of a chance to succeed. He couldn’t read until he was thirteen and was labeled and written off by our educational system. Failure after failure in school sentenced him to a bleak future. Yet Allen found a way to deal with the blows life dealt him and a way to overcome his learning disabilities. He forged a philosophy of life from his experiences that has carried him through the darkest of time to ultimate triumph. In his book, Memoirs of a Learning Disabled, Dyslexic Multi-Millionaire, Allen tells his story and share his lessons from life. From the streets of a small beach town in Long Island, New York, to meetings with movers and shakers of our society, Allen takes us on his journey from a virtual unknown to a man of means and power.

For more info on who Allen Weinstein is, listen to the following recording from his “Let’s Talk About Life” show on WOR Radio.